Lucas Von Hoff Award

Dedication, Guidance, Contribution, Leadership

Lucas Von HoffThis highly prestigious award is named after Lucas Von Hoff (12 August 1980 - 11 June 2011). Lucas’ contribution to the sport of Touch throughout Europe as the European Director of Referees and a FIT Panel Member was epitomised by his dedication to his fellow colleagues and referees. His professionalism was unparalleled and he played a huge part in the development of referees throughout Europe.

The Lucas Von Hoff Award represents the following key principles and character traits:

Dedication – Guidance – Contribution – Leadership

The Meaning Behind the Award

The award reflects several aspects:

  1. It reflects Lucas’ approachable charm.
  2. It represents his desire for excellence in himself and European referees.
  3. His guidance and tuition.
  4. The award parallels his high expectations, his achievements and those he set to realise.

Previous Winners of the Award

2012 – Peter Faassen de Heer

2014 – Kevin Hobbs

2016 – Sylvain Charras

Previous Nominees

2012 – Peter Faassen de Heer, Derek Fisher, Riet Garsed, Shelley Grace, Vincent Van Neuren.

2014 – Matthew Boesen, Derek Fisher, Neil Fitzpatrick, Riet Garsed, Shelley Grace, Kevin Hobbs.

2016 – Sylvain Charras, Derek Fisher, Riet Garsed, Shelley Grace.

The Criteria for the Award

This award recognises an individual who has contributed exceptionally to the development of referees and the sport in Europe. To earn this award, nominees must have mirrored or set about achieving the principles that Lucas Von Hoff lived by. The award is judged via a closed ballot by referees present at the European Championships. Nominations must be sent to the Registrar prior to the European Championships, using the form posted below.

To be considered for the award:

  1. Dedication: Nominees must show dedication to the sport and their fellow referees.
  2. Guidance: Nominees must be involved in the continuing development of referees, coaching courses, training and presentations.
  3. Contribution: Nominees must have either on field or off field shown a significant contribution to the sport.
  4. Leadership: Nominees must have displayed leadership skills on or off the field.

Nominations will be announced by the Federation of International Touch Director of Referees Mr Ian Matthew (or his respresentative) at the Referee Dinner which is held prior to the European Championships. Nominations may be submitted by any person associated with the sport of Touch.

The winner will be announced at the European Touch Championships. The winner will hold the accolade until the following European Touch Championships. The winner must however return the award no later than 3 months prior to the following European Championships. The winner will take full responsibility for the care and return of the award during this period.

Nominations and Rules

Nominations for the European Touch Championships 2016 are now open. Use the Lucas Von Hoff Award Nomination form to submit a Nomination. While you may submit more than one nomination, you may only nominate each person once. You must provide justification for your nomination which will be used to rate the nomination against the set criteria.

Nominations for the season ending with the European Touch Championships 2016 close one week prior to the event (30 June). Nominations will be announced during the European Championships Referee Dinner and posted online for information shortly after. Only the top 5 Nominees will be announced.

    1. Only members of a FIT/EFT affiliated European Association are eligible.
    2. Visiting referees / referee coaches are not eligible for nomination.
    3. Only currently active referees and referee coaching staff are eligible.
    4. Nominees are not required to be present at the European Championships (in case of other commitments).
    5. The Registrar for 2016 is Peter Faassen de Heer, and is not eligible for this award, nor can the Registrar submit a nomination.
Once the nominees have been announced, there will be presentations on each during the referee dinner, with voting closing at the close of the Referee Dinner.
Only European referees and referee coaches present at the European Touch Championships shall be allowed to vote. Nominees, visiting referee coaches and referees, junior referees, the Registrar, the FIT Director of Referees (or his representative), and FIT Panel Members cannot vote. Papers will be distributed at the pre-tournament Referee Dinner. Voting is compulsory for attending referees following presentations of the nominees.
Votes and nominations will be verified by the Registrar in the presence of the FIT Director of Referees (or his representative) and attending FIT Panel Members. The winner shall be announced during referee presentations on Sunday July 10 by the Federation of International Touch Director of Referees.

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