FIT Referee Commission

The FIT Referees Commission was appointed in 2011 by the FIT Board of Directors.  Their appointment will continue until the 2019 World Cup in Australia.


Ian Matthew         


Panel Members

Darrin Sykes

New Zealand


Lou Tompkins



Tony Cooper

New Zealand


Chris Dolahenty


Associate Panel Members

Chris Knott



Derek Fisher



Matthew Reid



Linton Geach

South Africa


Members are strategically placed around the world to enhance development and ensure consistency with all technically areas.  We will be seeking expressions of interest in the near future for further referee orientated personnel to become Associate Referee Commission Members and represent the Americas and Oceania.

The Referees Commission is responsible for:

  1. The implementation of referees structures in every National Touch Associations (NTA) through their respective representatives.
  2. Individual and strategic development plans/structures for ongoing referee performance
  3. Implementation and update of referee badge course throughout the NTAs
  4. Dissemination of the latest trends in the game to all FIT NTA Referee Directors 
  5. Alignment of all referee badge course for consistency
  6. Implement Referee Recruitment and Retention Programs through all NTAs
  7. Set development plans/structures/course for the ongoing development of referee coaches
  8. Further develop technology coaching via the use of Skype and YouTube
  9. Develop a referee exchange program
  10. Develop High Performance Referee Programs
  11. Initiate Referee Course Presenters Programs/Courses through all NTAs
  12. Work to align all badge level systems throughout the world
  13. Attend various tournaments as requested by FIT NTA members
  14. Write and implement all policies relating to referees

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