Why join the EFT

There are many reasons why your national federation should become an Active Member of the EFT:

A. Coordination

  1. Coordinate activities across Europe (coaching courses, referee courses…)
  2. Centralizing and exposing information through a website (dates of international tournaments in all European countries, courses, European championships…)
  3. Providing assistance to any country for a specific matter, either directly or through our network of contacts.
  4. Regional support for emerging countries (Developing Nations)
  5. Organise European events (European championships, mainland cup, European Club championships…)
  6. Specific youth development programs
  7. Possibly hold a register of Referees, players under suspension etc
  8. "Library" of resource materials (in addition to courses) from basic "how to play touch" materials through to template documents to register a National association
  9. Establishment of pan-European guidelines, such as common Abuse Policies etc

B. Funding

  1. Access EU funding for development of Touch in Europe that may not be available to single countries.
  2. Use these funds to, for example, send European teams or referees to an event such as a World Cup.
  3. Negotiate with touch supplies to get cheaper prices for larger orders (Touch balls, touch shoes…)
  4. Organise and negotiate common flights to fly teams to the next World Cup in Australia.
  5. Transfer of money from FIT European Sport Development Allocation (From the 2008 and 2010 European Touch Championships)
  6. Development of European sponsorship relations that are not national.

C. Taking part in decision making

  1. Organising and running European events (European championships, mainland cup, European Club championships…)
  2. Decide to allocate available funds to one or another project (courses, championships, sponsoring…)