A good place to start is by finding a local affiliated league. Here you can get involved with one of the fastest growing sports in Europe, meet new friends, gain new skills and of course play Touch. To help you kick start your involvement, you’ll need to find your National Association. The links below will take you through to your Association, and from there it’s really only a few steps before you’re out on the pitch playing.

Another good place to start is by getting familiar with the rules. These are drawn out here and will assist getting the basics right. Don’t worry if it’s all too much, National Associations have volunteer coaches that will help refine your skills.

The European Federation of Touch gathers 22 Members, and therefore represents 22 National Touch Associations from across Europe in the following countries.

EFT Members are in the process of building a stronger Touch community across Europe. They pay an annual fee to EFT and may be part of EFT General Assembly.

EFT provides to its members its actions, such as event delivery, fundraising at the European level, resources sharing and directions for the future of Touch in Europe.

Active Members

Active Members of EFT are National Touch Associations (or regional touch Associations if no National Association exists for the respective country) with an active History in the sport of Touch. They attend internationals competitions organised by FIT, such as European Touch Championships or Touch World Cups. These sport Associations has been particularly active in the development of Touch across Europe since the last decade. They represent more than twenty thousands of players. They endorse a role of serving the Associated Members of EFT for developing the sport of Touch in their country (see below). Fourteen are Members of FIT and therefore Active Members of EFT:



France Ireland Scotland
 Belgium Germany Italy Switzerland
 Catalonia Guernsey Jersey  Wales
 England Hungary Netherlands  


Associated Members

Associated Members of EFT are National Touch Associations (or Regional Touch Associations if no National Association exists for the respective country) which are not yet FIT Members. This means they are a Developing Nation. They are part of the EFT network and have regular exchange with it. They implement a development structure and are provided advice and direction both from EFT and FIT, as well as other Members. In the future, they will be part of FIT and therefore may become Active Members of EFT. Eight other National Associations are not Members of FIT and therefore Associated Members of EFT:


 Czech Republic

Luxembourg Slovenia Turkey
 Georgia Portugal Spain