Italy Touch

Italia Touch was founded in 2007 and boasts close to a 1000 players and supporters in Italy. There are around 22 full time teams and a host of social and park sides. Italian teams have participated in two European championships and one world cup. Touch in Italy is a fast growing sport which has attracted the interest of old and young alike. Recent programs in schools all over Italy have led to a growth in the number of young players.

Touch Italia has for three years been running an Italian Championship as well as regional cup championships. In 2011 as a warm up event to the 2012 European Championships, Italia Touch very successfully hosted the inaugural European Club Championships in Treviso. The event, won by the London Galaxy, saw a marked improvement in the level of Touch played in Italy.

We have focused not only in growing the number of players we have, but also the number of coaches and referees. We have done this by running a number of international coaching clinics for both.

As recognition of this growth and our achievements, FIT has awarded the 2012 European championships to Italy and Italia Touch. These will be held from the 10th to the 16th of September in Treviso Italy at the famous Benetton La Ghirada Complex.

Riccardo Brizzi is the current president.