Touch Germany

Touch has been going in Germany since 2003, when it started in both Berlin and Munich. Since then the sport has grown steadily in terms of participation, quality and recognition. Is now regularly played in several cities in Germany; Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Bonn, Ruethen, Giessen, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Leipzig and Nuremburg. Touch Germany now has over 400 active players and this is growing on a daily basis.

2004 saw Germany’s first appearance on the international stage at the European championships in Jersey.

2005 was also a key year for Touch Germany with the foundation of Touch Deutschland Sport Verein (TDSV) as the nationally recognised body for the organisation of touch. 2005 also saw the beginning of the Touch Deutschland Meisterschaft, which is a national championship trophy awarded based on the aggregate winner of selected domestic tournaments. Munich are the current championship holders.

“TD” sent national teams to the 2006 European championships (men’s, women’s and mixed) with the men’s team achieving 4th place. To the 2008 European championships (mens, women’s and mixed) with the Women’s team achieving 3rd place. The 2010 Euros (men’s 30s, women’s and mixed) with the Women’s team achieving 4th place

In 2011 Germany send a men’s 30s, a women’s, and a men’s open team to the world cup. This was the first appearance of Germany on the world stage.

Governing Body: Touch Deutschland Sport Verein.

President: Bob Kalman