Touch Hungary


Sziasztok Mindenki,

Touch in Hungary started off in 2006, like many countries, with a few people throwing a ball around in a park. The first team was formed in 2007 with our first competitive games coming from a sports exchange with Vienna.

2008 saw further growth domestically and the first chance for International Touch. In a joint venture with our colleagues from Austria and Czech Republic we competed in the 2008 European championships as the Central European Barbarians.

The growth continued in 2009 with a second Touch club joining the scene, travelling to several weekend tournaments and even hosting our own weekend international.

With player numbers increasing by 2010, we saw the need to improve the structure of the game in Hungary to give players the right environment to foster their developing talents. We sent four players to Vienna for a level 1 referee course, and hosted a level 1 coaching course in our capital, Budapest. We also had budding coaches attending from Austria and Slovenia to further the bond and assistance we have for the development of Touch in this area of Europe. Our first official national Touch championship also started, with six teams competing from four different Touch clubs. This was held as three separate grand prix events throughout the summer with men’s, women’s and mixed divisions. It was a huge success as our new referees got valuable experience, and the growing player base got some regular competitive games right here in Hungary.

2011 was a milestone year for Hungary, attaining FIT membership and entering in the Touch World Cup as a nation in our own right were both huge events to confirm that we are now part of the global Touch community. We competed in the mixed open section at the World Cup and opened up a whole new world of Touch to our fast improving young squad. We even set a world record of having the youngest touchdown scorer at a world cup.

Growth is set to continue in 2012, with an entry into the 2012 European Championships, an under 15s team competing in our National Championships, and hopefully our first homegrown level 2 referees.

If you’re in Hungary and want a game, why not look us up. There are training sessions going on three times a week during the winter, and almost every day during the summer.