The EUROPEAN FEDERATION OF TOUCH is an organisation to which the local federations defined in Article 4 of the Constitution adhere on a voluntary basis.

Its mission is to promote physical activity through TOUCH on two levels:

  1. sports: games, tournaments, championships and
  2. health: health promotion activities

From this follow its principle tasks, notably:

  1. to represent the Federation of International Touch (FIT) in Europe;
  2. to support and promote FIT in Europe;
  3. to assist FIT with the development and delivery of TOUCH in Europe;
  4. to treat issues related to TOUCH in Europe on a general level ;
  5. to make possible a regular exchange of information between its members and FIT;
  6. to organise European Touch events in host countries open to all affiliated sportsmen and -women;
  7. to supervise FIT directives and rules governing the international events. FIT and EFT equally assumes a supervisory function for these events;
  8. to conclude or approve partnerships regarding the events organised by its members; such can  notably comprise the authorization to use the name and the logo of the EFT and FIT in activities related to the event in question;
  9. to represent FIT and its members vis-à-vis other European and international sports organisations;
  10. to strengthen human contacts across borders;
  11. to initiate under its aegis partnerships which aim at health promotion through physical activity for the benefit of all;
  12. other such things or activities which are necessary, incidental or conducive to the advancement of these principle tasks (joint global European calendar, sponsoring, purchasing agreements).