Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the European Federation of Touch’s relationship with the Federation of Touch?

The Federation of International Touch is the worldwide supreme council for Touch. The European Federation of Touch represents and supports FIT in the delivery and development of the sport.

2.  What is the purpose of the European Federation of Touch?

Currently there is no common structure or accountability of Members within Europe. In addition Europe is missing European Union sports recognition, and therefore is missing out on European Union sports grants. The EFT represents the collective body of European National Touch Associations and therefore has the ability to actively seek funding, grants and commercial agreements for the benefit of its Members.

It also sets up formal coaching for players and referees, as well as providing regional support for developing nations.

3.   How do I apply for funding?

At the moment the policies on how to apply and how much funding Member Countries can apply for are still being drafted. In time, the access to funding will be made clear.

4.   How are the General Assembly, Executive Board and Committee appointed?

Member of the General Assembly are appointed by the Member Country Executive Board (or its equivalent). The EFT Executive Board is appointed through an election by the General Assembly. The Committee is in a supporting role of the Executive and are not appointed by election.

5.   Where can I find information about referee coaching courses?

Your National Director has this information, and you should contact them for specifics. However, a general register of upcoming courses can be found here.

6.   Our country is not part of the European Union. Will this affect our ability to apply for funding, whether that is non-specific, referee or player coaching?

No. The European Federation of Touch supports its members in accordance with the decisions of the European Assembly, regardless of that country’s European political orientation, geographic location or population distribution.

7.   How much does it cost to become a Member Country of the European Federation of Touch?

You will first need to be a Member or classed as a Developing Nation under the Federation of International Touch. It will then cost a set fee to become a Member of the European Federation of Touch. There is also a set maintenance fee payable each year. You should contact the EFT at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will be provided with the necessary documentation.